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al government provided 4

▓g and selling homes to support the purchase of homes to be used as their owners' resid

5 billion yuan i
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n subsidies

ences. Throughout

the ye▓ar 13.64 million motor vehicles were sold, an increas▓e of 46.2%; commodity housing sales amounted to 937 million square meters,

for rural resi

dents to purchas

up 42.1%; and total retail

sales of consu▓mer goods increased 16.9% in real terms. Consumption played a much bigger role in fueling economic growth. ▓We promoted

e home appliance

s and motor ve

rapid growth in investme

nt. We guided an▓d stimulated non-government investment by means of well-leveraged government investment. We implemented a plan to inve

hicles, includin

st an additional 4 trillion yuan over two years. In 2009, th

g motorbikes. Part of the

e central government's public investment was 9▓24.3 billion yua

subsidies also support

n, 503.8 billion yuan more than in the ▓previous year's bud

ed trading-in old

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ome appliances f

get. Of this, 44% was invested in lo▓w-income housing, projects to improve the wellbeing of r▓ural residents, and social programs; 16% in independ▓ent innovation, restructur

坣ery and tools. We halved the purchase tax on small-displacement automobiles. We reduced or exempted taxes on buyin